How To Choose The Best Shoes For Basketball


We all know that the crucial feature of a basketball player is strong legs. For most of the game, the contestant is forced to run fast, jump high and constantly lean from side to side. Such an active movement requires a careful attitude to the choice of suitable shoes.

Many beginners find regular jogging footwear to be a good training choice.

Running shoes are divided into types:

  1. Motion control;
  2. Firm carcass;
  3. Softened soles.

All three types have their own advantages, which allow athletes to increase their success in running. Factors such as flexibility, comfort, and light weight are ideal for long-distance runners or sprinters.

These qualities are not enough for a hoops player. In addition to running, his foot is constantly twisting, pushing off, and jumping, which requires shoes to have certain properties. That is why many companies produce specialized hoops footwear.

Let’s learn more about basketball footwear and how they differ from running shoes.

Difference Between Running and Basketball Shoes

Training along with sporting matches preparation involve many different spheres of acticity that require the athlete to be able not only to run fast but also to make many different movements in different planes. Therefore, shoes should provide comfort and protection from injury.

When choosing shoes for hoops, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Leg support;
  • Static ankle;
  • Depreciation;
  • Flexibility;
  • Durable protector.

These five basic characteristics will protect your legs from injury and make all the necessary tricks easy and efficient. Also, many experts advise giving preference to footwear with soft soles, which could help to avoid injuries.

Basketball sneakers, unlike running footwear, are made according to a special pattern that provides additional fixation of the ankle, which prevents injuries associated with heavy movement in different sides and sudden braking.

More open sneakers with no ankle lock are called quarter cut shoes and are great for jogging, as they weigh less and do not hinder the athlete’s movement. In this regard, the runner can develop significant speed and maintain it throughout the entire distance.

This cut does not provide additional protection to the joints, since runners do not make such sharp movements as players and do not need hard traction.

Basketball sneakers, on the contrary, have more weight, which provides a better grip on the playing field. These sneakers are not suitable for runners, as they restrict rotating and fix the ankle, providing greater safety and maneuverability.

Before buying a new pair of training footwear, it is a good idea to consult with an orthopedist or personal trainer.

Can Basketball and Running Shoes be Used for the Same Purposes?

Beginners usually prefer to use basketball sneakers for jogging, and jogging footwear is worn when they are about to leave the ball into the basket. They do not notice much difference, since their sports activities are irregular and spontaneous. Professional athletes notice a huge difference when using various types of footwear.

Jogging sneakers allow the legs to move in one direction. Such a simple device allows you to quickly pick up speed and maintain it throughout the track and allows players to gradually slow down if necessary.

Basketball sneakers allow the foot to move in different sides and slow down immediately if necessary. Thus, the functionality of such footwear will differ significantly and save the foot from injuries associated with multidirectional movement.

The rigid heel, heavy sole, and high collar help protect and lock the shin in place, which also adds firmness and stiffness.
So make sure you choose the right footwear that matches your activity.

How to choose Basketball Shoes?

Regardless of your experience in sports, the right equipment will always help you stay healthy and increase your agility. Choosing basketball sneakers is quite a difficult task, as there is a huge selection in which it is easy to get confused.

Various companies produce footwear suitable for running, badminton, volleyball, football, and lots of other kinds of activities. It is very important to be able to find what you need from all the variety.
When choosing sporting games sneakers, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Arch of the foot;
  • Brand;
  • Foot size;
  • The weight;
  • Price.

If the selected sneakers meet all the parameters, then you can safely use the selected pair during basketball training.