Can I play a basketball if I’m short?


Yes, you can play a basketball regardless of your height. However, you have to be aware of how to use every opportunity, where to stand and what things to do throughout the game play.

If you are the shortest person on the court and seeking how to shine in this sport, then you have to be conscious on several things and ready to learn new things.  You have to find out and use the most suitable tricks and techniques on time to have a large impact within a short period. You will be surprised when you come to know that you can use shortness to your advantage in this sport.

There is no need to be tall and engage in recreation with this sport above the rim. Once you have enhanced your ability to handle the basketball, you have to properly execute the basketball playing skills instead of worrying about your size.

Basketball – the part of physical education in schools. And sometimes young schoolboys play basketball even better than adult guys. So it means that you easily can play the game if you are short

Consult with your coach


A proper training is vital to successfully play the basketball and shine in the sport gradually. You can make contact with your coach and discuss about how to train for basketball to enhance your role in the game play and contribution to the victory of the team.

You will become one among players that every coach and teammate loves to have when you put the whole team in front of your personal goal associated with this sport.  You can feel free to ask the coach about what kind of exercises you have to do during the off-season and things to follow during the game play.

Try to be the scorer

Even though you cannot be the sorcerer in the beginning stage of your sport activities, you can try to enhance all your activities associated with enhancing the score of the whole team in all the possible ways.

You may be the best at playing defense and rebounding. You can properly do such things once you have started playing on the court.  This is advisable to work on your weakness and strengthen your strengths in every practice.

Short players are advised to take a charge and get their team the ball. They also help in the best way to put an extra foul on the opposite team.  If you play tough defense, then you can make positive changes to the overall game play of your team. Your coach probably know that your role on the court whether you shoot or dribble when you shut down players in the opposite team.

Think out of the box without delay

smart basketball playerAs a short basketball player, you have to think smart and fast. Even though the height is one of the main factors to enhance the strength of the basketball team, you can increase the level of quickness and endurance to overcome your difficulties associated with shortness.  You have to do exercises in a proper way to develop the overall fast-twitch muscle fibers and add the level of quickness required to the game. If you have done these things, then you can enhance your role in the basketball team and become a valuable asset to such team.

Short basketball players have to improve their skills to handle the basketball and maximize their quickness.  They are happy to make it hard for their defense to stop them. They open up ever-increasing scoring opportunities as required by their teammates.  They can successfully pass the ball to their teammates and provide scoring opportunities to the teammates.

Efficiently use your feet and hands

As a short basketball player, you may feel some complexities and think about how to use every opportunity towards an enhanced performance as expected by your teammates. A defensive player has a good role and a contribution to the overall success of the team.

If you move your feet and hands in the best manner, then you can become quicker than taller counterparts.  Even though offense takes skills, every defense is mostly associated with the desires. You can play solid defence and give yourself an advantage in the basketball court.

Things to do while playing offense opposite a taller defense

You can make use of the faking method to get all defenders hop around and let the offense to take proper shots while the overall defense is efficiently covering the fake in different aspects. You have to be conscious on the following things.

  • Master continuous dribbling and ball handling
  • Practice shooting skills
  • Focus on ways to test and enhance skills
  • Listen to suggestions from coach
  • Discuss with teammates
  • Be confident and smart

Things to do while playing defense opposite a taller offense

Well experienced and short players in every basketball team are aware about the overall significance of learning the art of the steal. They use a small height to trick a steal while a taller player is focused on how to higher up. They do not get afraid feelings to get close. They recommend potential players with shortness related issues to get chest to chest with the opponent.

If you jump around and wave your hands in the air, then you can easily frustrate the players in the opposite team.  You have to understand and keep in mind that it is too difficult to pass a ball or take a shot when someone is right there.

Once you have begun using the center of gravity of your body, you can hold steadily in your position and make the player in your opposite team to see that he or she will not be able to get through in a proper way on time.

Enhance jumping and speed

Qualified and committed basketball players make sure about the roles of jumping and speed behind the efficient use of overall opportunities toward the victory. You may misunderstand that boosting the speed is enough to enhance the overall game play. However, a lot of abs is very important to enhance jumping and balance. If you efficiently move left and right and jump without any difficulty, then you can get a notable enhancement in the game play.