Everything You Need to Know About Basketball

Sports fans have always been distinguished by their love for spectacular competitions requiring great physical strength and skill from the participants. Such championships are breathtaking and make the heart skip a beat with excitement. That is why it occupies one of the leading places in terms of popularity among classic sports.

Accessibility and simplicity are the key factors behind such popularity. Anyone can quickly learn the rules and take part in an amateur match or watch with interest what is happening on the sports ground from the stands.

In this review, we will get acquainted with the history of the development of that kind of sport and learn about its important nuances that will help us learn more about this amazing sport.

History of Basketball

This sport started its development in the Springfield Christian Youth Association in 1891. The P.E. lessons did not captivate young people and did not motivate them to play sports. Especially in rainy weather, it was impossible to carry out active outdoor activities.

Teacher James Naismith, who was a Canadian professor of P.E., decided to tackle the problem and come up with an active competition for students allowing them to harmoniously develop physical abilities and also train team play skills.

Naismith used two baskets for fruits, which he fixed on the walls of the school gym at opposite ends, and divided the students into two teams. The goal of every contestant was to throw the ball into the basket and pass it between members of every team. Initially, there was no branded orange sword, “dribbling” was also not provided, and the ball was passed to teammates through the air.

The game quickly gained popularity among students and even began to gain popularity among other schools, which instantly took up the initiative. A year later, Naismith drew up the first set of rules to govern the ongoing matches. As a result, the first professional National League of Basketball was created in 1898, which lasted only until 1903.

The creator of the game has always been actively involved in the development of his invention and acting as a coach, referee and organizer of matches. The new sport captured not only the USA, but also Canada. And soon spread to Europe and Asia.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the first professional sporting clubs began to appear, which were not regulated in any way by any organizations. This led to the creation of the Association of America Basketball in 1946, which created a new set of rules and regulations for official matches.

The inventor of the game was invited to develop the rules and participate in the preparation of the first top-notch matches. In addition, the semi-professional National Association of Basketball was active, organizing about 200 matches a year between colleges and other educational institutions.

During the first three years, the popularity of the sport has increased many times over. In this connection, it was decided to combine the efforts of both foundations and create in 1949 the National Association of Basketball, still existing and is currently the most prestigious organization in the world. For many athletes, winning the NBA championship is much more prestigious than winning the Olympics.

In 1959, the Museum was opened in Springfield, which also became the Hall of Fame of Basketball, which is designed to immortalize the most famous and successful athletes and the creator of the game, James Naismith.

Modern Basketball

Modern basketball is a large industry attracting millions of spectators to monitor screens. The most successful athletes regularly compete in various basketball tournaments.
The most prestigious competitions at the moment are:

  • The NBA is the most popular championship held in America and attracts the most famous and highly paid athletes to participate. The most successful teams in the tournament are the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Chicago Bulls.
  • The Europe Cup is a European competition attracting a large number of spectators who watch the multi-stage competition among international teams. For many athletes, competition at the level is the way to get into the NBA.
  • The Olympic Games are a worldwide competition determining the best athletes from every sport. Many NBA champions are active in the Olympics every four years.

Basketball fans single out these TOP 3 events as the most spectacular and exciting.

Discover the Amazing World of Basketball

The sport, despite its external simplicity, has a huge number of nuances and factors significantly affecting the outcome of the game. That is why a huge number of fans watch the most prestigious tournaments.

Become one of those who get unforgettable pleasure from watching high-class athletes who show the highest success on the verge of human capabilities!