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The child flies to the competition for the first time: parent’s actions

Independent travel of a child on an airplane is a very exciting event for both children and parents. The last one should prepare their little winners for the first flight without them. The coach performs the role of accompanying, so before travelling it’s better to get to know all the details of the flight.
Such a preparation will allow checking the flight route in advance or follow Flight Tracker online via this weblink. Before the child will start his/her travelling, you should do some simple procedures:

  • Parents need to make a notarized consent. You have to come to the airport with the child and during check-in to complete a questionnaire about the kid. Do not forget the birth certificate of the child and his/her ticket. The international passport and visa may be necessary in cases of travelling abroad.
  • Take the coach’s contact details for further communication. It may be useful in the case if the child will not answer calls.
  • Give the documents and funds to the coach, but you also can hang a special pocket around the child’s neck, where all the official papers can be folded.
  • Discuss in detail all the stages of his/her flight: from wheeling up to the landing. Explain how to act in a case of questions or problems appearing. It’s important not to run on the plane and behave discreetly.
  • Don’t use big travel bags (it´s tournament so it won’t last long). It’s better to pack a small backpack for the kid and put the most necessary things there.
What should be in the child’s backpack?
  • Seasonally adjusted clothing.
  • First aid kit.
  • Hygiene kit.
  • Raincoat and cap.
  • A few compact favorite toys.
  • Mobile phone and charger.
  • Some food for a quick and nutritious snack.

P.S. A competition supplies should carry a coach (big elements), while the compact costumes can be carried in the backpack too.

What shouldn’t be in the child’s backpack?
  • The expensive technique, which can be lost or broken.
  • Jewelry made of precious materials.
  • Lots of useless clothing.
  • Perishable food.
  • Sharp objects.

P.S. Before putting a bottle of water in the bag, check its tight closure.

  • Stay calm and try to present the forthcoming journey as something wonderful and exciting. Remember, that you can use the Flight Tracker anytime you want. Just show your child the route of the aircraft.
  • Tell the child not to worry during the flight and give him/her favorite toy (if possible). Such manipulation will help distract and settle down. The coach and air hostesses will take care of the child and propose him/her different entertainments (word games, coloring books, etc.).
  • Give him/her a special pillow for sleeping. Such a thing will be useful in the case of a long travelling (more than 6 hours).

Actually, don’t worry and have a positive attitude. Due to the modern aircraft and good service, the child will land in a good mood, and with a fighting spirit. After such comfort flight, the kid will surely be full of energy to show the great competition results!
The child’s first time flying can become an amazing adventure without stressful moments. It is possible in a case of good parent’s preparation, choosing a reliable airline and creating an appropriate kid’s mood. Due to these tips, mother and father can be confident in the safety of their fledgling and the success of the flight process itself.